Beacon and F.J. Quigley Awardees

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James Cooper, Esq. - Vocational Service

Russelle Patterson - Local Community Service

Honorable Gerald Weinstein - International Community Service

John Siracusa - Club Service

Honorable Richard Williams - Vocational Service
William and Muriel Elliott - Local Community Service
Rabbi Aaron Krauss - International Community Service
Bernard Chernoff - Club Service
Norma and Lewis Paludi - Vocational Service
Lillian Levy - Local Community Service
Dr. Beverly Vaughn - International Community Service
Charles Coyle - Club Service


Pinky Kravitz-Community Service

Paul D'Amato-Vocational Service

    Wendel White-International Service

Marvin Miller-Club Service

PDG Bernadette Jennings-Frank J. Quigley Award




Lois Braithwaite-Local Community Service

Barbie Harris-International Service

Jeffrey Blitz-Vocational Service

Herb Stern-Club Service

Paul and Bernadette Blackstock- Frank J. Quigley Award


Lynn Caterson Esq.-Local Community Service

Henry Goldsmith-International Service

Patty Harris-Vocational Service

Joel Kopke-Club Service

PDG Kenneth Thorpe-Frank J. Quigley Award


Cookie Till-Local Community Service

Denise L. Lenz-International Service

Hon. Steven P. Perskie-Vocational Service

Kay Seelig-Club Service

Bob and Carol Saghirian-Frank J. Quigley Award


Detective David Hadley-Local Community Service

Stefanie Zarych-International Service

Lloyd D. Levinson-Vocational Service

PDG Don Guardian-Club Service

Michael Everett-New Generations Service

Dr. Thomas J. Venables-Frank J. Quigley Award


Ed Blake-Local Community Service

Howard Gross MD-International Service

Mac Seelig-Vocational Service

Martin Blumberg-Club Service

Natalie Devonish-New Generations

Ted Lands-Frank J. Quigley Award

Lisa Confora - Vocational Service
Buddy Grover - Local Service
No Honoree- International Service
Devan Blackwell – Youth Service
Robert Ruffolo – Club Service
CarolAnn Jeronimo – Frank J. Quigley Award
Cathy Burke - Local Community Service
Dr. Joseph Hong - International Service
C. Curtis Still - Vocational Service
Darrell Edmonds - Youth Service
Rose McCarthy - Club Service
Melanie Druziako - Frank J. Quigley Memorial Award
Eric McCoy - Local Community Service
Michael C. Epps ESQ - Vocational Service
Constance Days-Chapman Youth Service
Larry Pacentrilli - International Community Service
Tim Datig - Club Service
Rotarian David Schad - Frank J. Quigley Memorial Award